Meet the Curriculum Coordinator

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To get an idea what I personally think learning should look and feel like, feel free to view this video clip from Classroom Closeup of my math class early in my career in Burlington City. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and still do)! :)

To give you just a glimpse of my background, I have lived and breathed education my entire life. Even as a child, I "played school" with my sister, taking turns being the teacher. Now we are both educational leaders in the NJ Public Education System. I graduated through the Pemberton Township School District (Thank you for teaching me the strength that comes with a diverse community. Go Hornets!) and went to TCNJ (formerly TSC, Go Lions!) to learn how to be a teacher. I double majored in Mathematics and Secondary Education and took my first (and only) teaching job in the district placement where I did my student teaching, Burlington City High School (Thank you for keeping me around and teaching me how to endure. Go Blue Devils!). While teaching Geometry at BCHS, I took classes online through American Intercontinental University (AIU) to receive my masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction as well as my Supervisor Certificate. In the fall of 2012, on the heels of Hurricane Sandy, I made the transition to Palmyra Public Schools (Go Panthers!) where I learned from my peers, the leaders, teachers, parents, and students each day how to be a good leader. 

Now, after working with the Palmyra Team, which felt like a family, for ten years, I have traveled down the River Line to share my passion for engaging learning, my expertise and experience in curriculum and instruction, and my love of "fun" work with the Riverside Rams. I am excited to join this #RamTasticTeam!!! 

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As a Hornet, a Lion, a Blue Devil a Panther, and now a RAM, with connections to the collective experiences from all of those communities, nothing seems impossible anymore. Having hundreds of colleagues with their own wealth of background experience as well, there is nothing we cannot do together. Let's get started! #BetterTogether

If you knew me, you'd know that....

I am addicted to creating my own costumes. I love making them, painting my face, pushing myself to make each costume better than the last!

What I didn't know coming to Riverside is that this team would put my costume, craziness, and shool spirit skills to a new level of challenge!
Will be adding pictures continuously it seems!

Stacy Saia
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(856)461-1255 Ext.1141