Section 2000

The Riverside Township School District's Policy on Gifted and Talented Pupils can be found above and is also linked here:  Riverside Township Policy 2464 Gifted and Talented Pupils.pdf 
On January 13, 2020, Governor Phil Murphy signed into law A4710, the Strengthening Gifted and TalentedEducation ActIn compliance with C.18A:35-38 of that Act:
An individual who believes that a school district has not complied with the provisions of this act may file a complaint with the board of education. The right to file a complaint shall be set forth in the board’s policy on gifted and talented education. The policy shall be linked to the homepage of the board’s Internet website. The board shall issue a decision, in writing, to affirm, reject, or modify the district’s action in the matter. 

Any individual who wishes to act on this right should compose a formal complaint to the school district detailing their concerns regarding non-compliance with the act and email that complaint to the Curriculum Coordinator, Stacy Saia, for delivery to the proper reviewing authorities.