Updating Contacts


·         Open the Genesis Parent Access login page – https://parents.riverside.k12.nj.us

·         Enter your User Name & Password provided in the “GENESIS PASSWORD INFORMATION” email sent from G[email protected]

o   All Users will be prompted to change the password at the first successful login

·         Click the CONTACTS tab located at the top right on the page

Modify Existing Numbers or Emails

·         Directly type the updated information in the appropriate field box

·         Click any of the “Save All Changes” buttons

·         Please note, the first contact box listed is for student information (example of this would be student cell phone number or student email address if applicable)

Add New Numbers or Email Addresses to Existing Contacts

·         Scroll to the line marked “Add Phone/Email” under the desired contact name

·         Selecting the type (i.e. Home Email, Work Phone, etc.) from the drop-down box

·         Enter the new number/email in the adjacent box

o   Please enter only ONE email address per contact   “Select Provider” is optional

·         Click any of the “Save All Changes” buttons

Add New EMEREGENCY contacts (please limit to three)

·         Click the “Add Contact…” button

The ADD CONTACT box will open

·         Type in the following fields

o   First Name:

o   Last Name:  

·         Use the drop-down boxes to set these fields

o   Prefix

o   Relationship to Student:

o   Is Emergency Contact: Yes, Emergency 1,2 or 3

·         Click the “Add Contact” button and the new contact will be added to the existing list

·         Enter a SINGLE phone number for the newly added contact by using the steps “Add New Numbers or Email Addresses to Existing Contacts” listed above (Email addresses are NOT utilized for Emergency Contacts)

Delete Phone Numbers/Emails

·         Click the trash can icon to the right of the information to be deleted

Delete/Edit EMERGENCEY contact Names & Relationships

·         Click the word “OPTIONS” next to the desired name

o   Choose CHANGE CONTACT to modify Names & Emergency Designation

o   Choose DELETE CONTACT to remove

·         Click “CLOSE” when finished

o   Select “YES” in confirmation pop-up box

o   Click OK button to finalize delete

Save and Confirm Changes

·         Click ANY of the green “Save All Changes” buttons after any edit, addition or deletion