Teachers of the Year

Teachers of the Year
Teachers of the Year
Riverside Elementary School Teacher of the Year
This year's Riverside Elementary School Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Gilardi. Mrs. Gilardi's unwavering dedication and warmth have enriched our school in immeasurable ways. Beyond her role as an educator, Mrs. Gilardi embodies the essence of a pillar of support, an inspiration, and a beacon of positivity within our school community. Her impact extends far beyond the classroom, as she dedicates time and energy to fostering camaraderie and joy among our esteemed staff. While excelling in her teaching duties, Mrs. Gilardi has undertaken the initiative to organize and spearhead various social events. Although seemingly small in scale, these efforts play a pivotal role in uniting our staff, creating an atmosphere of unity, understanding, and support that resonates throughout the school. Mrs. Gilardi's commitment to creating a nurturing environment for both students and teachers alike is commendable. Her efforts extend equally to students and teachers, shaping our school into a place where everyone feels valued and supported. The contagious enthusiasm she brings to her work uplifts everyone around her, contributing significantly to the overall positive atmosphere that makes our school a better place. We also can't help but celebrate Mrs. Gilardi's unique and creative approach to teaching – who else has a Lego-themed room? This innovative touch showcases her commitment to making learning an engaging and exciting adventure for her students, leaving an everlasting impact on their educational journey. Join us in expressing our heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Gilardi as our Riverside Elementary Teacher of the Year. Thank you, Mrs. Gilardi, for your exceptional contributions inspiring leadership, and for making our school community truly exceptional.

Riverside Middle School Teacher of the Year

This year's Riverside Middle School Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Lawrence. Mrs. Lawrence's unwavering commitment extends far beyond classroom hours, embracing innovative approaches like whole-brain teaching to cater to diverse learning styles. Her mastery of differentiation fosters inclusivity, while her emphasis on a growth mindset instills resilience and tenacity in her students. Beyond her immediate classroom, Mrs. Lawrence plays a pivotal role in the school community, addressing the unique needs of every child and advocating for her peers' well-being. Her infectious enthusiasm and energy turn Room 207 into a realm of wonder, where literature becomes a mirror reflecting the world. Mrs. Jacqueline Lawrence emerges not just as an asset to Riverside Middle School but as an inspirational figure, setting a high standard for dedication and excellence in the teaching profession. As a NYC and Boston Marathon finisher, a slam poetry teacher, and an advocate for social-emotional competencies, her recognition as Teacher of the Year is a testament to her enduring influence, celebrated not only by colleagues but by the entire district, retired teachers, and community members. Congratulations to Mrs. Lawrence, a true RMS marvel and a beacon of inspiration for all.

Riverside High School Teacher of the Year

This year's Riverside High School Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Garvin. Mrs. Garvin has been a cherished member of the RHS family for an impressive 23 years. This well-deserved recognition is a testament to Mrs. Garvin's unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to our school community. Throughout her tenure at Riverside High School, Mrs. Garvin has been a guiding force in our science department, shaping the educational journey of countless students. Her passion for science has not only enriched our curriculum but has also ignited a flame of curiosity in her students, inspiring many to pursue further education in the science field post-high school. Mrs. Garvin is not only recognized for her academic prowess but also for the unique and memorable experiences she creates in her weekly lab experiments. The distinct odors that waft through our halls serve as a tangible reminder of the hands-on learning experiences she provides, making science come alive for her students. Beyond the classroom, Mrs. Garvin has made significant contributions to our school district. She has served as a class advisor to numerous graduating classes, currently leading the dynamic class of 2024. As a leader among her department and the entire high school staff, Mrs. Garvin has played a crucial role in fostering a positive and collaborative learning environment. Her leadership qualities have not only impacted her colleagues but have also influenced the overall educational experience for our students. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mrs. Garvin for her tireless efforts, passion, and commitment to the success of our students, staff, and community. Her dedication has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the Riverside High School experience. Join us in congratulating Mrs. Garvin on this well-deserved honor. We are proud to have such an exceptional educator as part of our RHS family.