Teachers of the Year

Teachers of the Year
Teachers of the Year
Riverside Elementary School Teacher of the Year

Ms. Ross has been a teacher at Riverside for 27 years and has been nominated for Teacher of the Year most of them!   A master of many domains, she has taught and heavily influenced the curriculum in Kindergarten, Fifth grade, Second grade, Computers and our Gifted and Talented program. 

Driven and dedicated, Ms. Ross arrives early, stays late and even sneaks in on weekends!  She extends beyond district curriculum and materials and makes every lesson her own… all the while sharing those ideas with grade level colleagues.  She documents well and communicates wonderfully with parents. Every year she organizes extra parent involvement events such as hosting her own back to school night before school begins and classroom family movie nights.

Loved and requested by students and parents, Riverside Elementary School is proud to have Ms. Ross as our Teacher of the Year.


Riverside Middle School Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Porreca has been a beloved stakeholder at Riverside Middle School for the past four years.  Her enthusiasm and genuine desire to determine the best way to meet each child's unique learning needs in her classroom is one of her many assets.  She consistently displays her enthusiasm to motivate each of her students to learn, and that always makes a visit to her classroom energizing. She productively supports and collaborates with her colleagues, actively researches and employs new instructional methods and she is an integral member of our I&RS teams.   Her practices intrigue and inspire her students and she continually finds solutions to help students succeed in their academics.  Mrs. Porreca is an excellent example of a teacher who builds a sense of community and genuinely cares about her students.

Riverside High School Teacher of the Year

Dr. Atkinson has been a member of the Riverside School District family for over 30 years.  He strives to continually grow as a classroom teacher and challenge his students while remaining student centered and supporting the diverse student population within his classroom.  Dr. Atkinson is a leader within the math department, advocate for our ELL population, as well as being a coach, advisor, and mentor for students and staff.  As the scope of education continually evolves to meet the needs of the 21st century learner, Dr. Atkinson remains committed to high quality classroom instruction and expanding his professional and personal growth.  Dr. Atkinson is often the first in the building each day, can be found greeting and encouraging students and staff, and always makes time outside of the classroom to accommodate student needs that lead to success in his classroom and in life.  Dr. Atkinson teaches a broad scope of Algebra 1 through AP Calculus courses instructing students grades 8 thru 12.  Generations of students have benefitted from having had Dr. Atkinson as a teacher, a coach, an advisor, and mentor and Riverside High School looks forward to many more years of student success as a result of the efforts of our Teacher of the Year, Dr. Scott Atkinson.